What Our Customers Say

At Restorations by Rick Kreuziger, we know that our future depends on the satisfaction of our customers, and the word-of-mouth that comes from a job well done. Rick has built his reputation in the Mopar world by using only the finest quality materials and techniques, with personalized service and unsurpassed attention to detail. We work
hard to continually improve on that reputation with every new restoration.

Here are a few comments from our restoration customers regarding our work:

Thanks, Look for my payment via Paypal tonight. I'd also like to thank you for posting your Tech stuff and the pictures in your archives. I really enjoyed it. Perhaps someday I'll be fortunate enough to have you restore my old hot rod once I get done using it and it's ready for the museum.
- John via Email -

Thanks Rick, I got the package a couple of days ago, appreciate the responsive and pleasant service. Pleasure doing business with you,
- Gavin from the United Kingdom -

Just a little note to you guys from your "seemingly" newly adopted child! ME! Rick- you've brought to life a dream I have had for as long as I can remember! You are truly an artist in you own right. Not only that, you are a good man and have become a lifetime friend to me in my heart. Now granted, I could have paid anyone the amount of money I have paid you to take on this project, but the other 99.7% of "anyone's" would have not put the heart you have into this. Thank you,
- Jeff Stickels -

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent product (the undercoating), and your help in answering my questions. This stuff is great! I was able to get the correct texture & build thickness, which couldn't be done with body schutz or the rattle-can stuff.
- Steve S. via email-

Rick, I got them today (spring plates & pinion plate). I compared them to the ones on one of my original hemi cars and I will say that I am very impressed!!! What other stuff do you repop? Thanks,
- Ron H. -

Hi Rick, Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thanks for the great E-Body heater box gasket set I purchased from you back in Jan. I used the kit on my old heater box,it looks and works like new. Great Job. Thanks again,
- Bob via email -

Thank You Rick, That was extremely painless! Look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
- John via Email -

Thanks Rick, I appreciate it. And in the future, you've got my business most definitely. I appreciate you taking the time to pull over, of all things, just to take my order. Thank you very, very much.
- Shaun via Email -

Hello Rick, No problem! This is the second gallon of zero rust I've bought from you - I'm sure there will be many more. So far it seems like a great product. I found the instructions and tips that you included with my first gallon to be very helpful. Thanks very much.
- Marc via Email -

Thanks for the great tech info/advice you post on Moparts...much appreciated and very helpful.
- Rich Saile -

Rick- Man that looks great, can't wait to see it in person. Thanks again for the info on the tube and of course the work. Take care and if anything else comes up I may need help on I will let you know. Take care,
- Jim via email -

Rick, Thanks for the quick reply and the detailed info. I really appreciate the time you take to help us amateurs. Regards,
- John via email -

Thanks for the quick reply...wish everybody did business like that! JC is the vendor code on the original mirror glass. Looks like 9 JC 9. Thanks,
- Jim via email -

Hey Rick, Got my order today, thank you very much ! The heater box kit looks great and will save me hours of cutting, it won't be the last kit I buy.
- Alan via email -

Thanks Rick.. I got the chance to use the products this weekend.. I bead blasted my inner fenderwells and front suspension.. then did the Picklex treatment followed by the Zero Rust paint. The paint went on really well, very easy to spray, and easy to use. Thanks again!!
- Mark via email -


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