Pinewood Derby Superbird

Rick is well known for taking on challenging projects and for his impeccable attention to detail in his restorations. When his son Nick came home from Boy Scouts one day with the news of an upcoming Pinewood Derby competition, the Mopar wheels immediately began to turn in Rick's head. What better way to forge another link in the parent-child bond than to work on a car together? And, of course it had to be a Mopar…hmmm...a Superbird! After many enjoyable hours of design work, checking against specifications, carving, shaving, more checking, weighing, sanding, and finish work, the car was finally ready. The result of Nick and Rick's creativity, skills, and hard work is evident in the graceful lines of their Superbird, and the smiles on their faces.

The Limelight Superbird was an immediate hit in its debut at the Pinewood Derby competition, capturing the First Place Design Award and Second Place overall in the races. And if that weren't enough of a thrill for Nick, his pinewood car went on to be featured in the October 2003 issue of Mopar Collector's Guide.

And Nick, at a young age, has learned the lessons and reaped the rewards of working closely on a project with your parent, not to mention savoring the taste of winning with a Mopar!

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Car is constructed within Boy Scouts of America (BSA) specifications, and passed tech inspection.

• Restorations by Rick Kreuziger (Nick & Rick)

• BSA Pinewood Derby kit
• Vinyl top - Krylon semi-flat aerosal paint

Body Modifications:
• Roof - full of bondo, in fact, it IS bondo! Hollowed out from the inside to keep the weight low in the car
• Fender & quarter scoops- hand carved bondo
• Handformed aluminum wing

• Five coats Glasurit 285-50 primer block sanded (or is that sanded block?)
• Hand rubbed Glasurit basecoat/clearcoat finish
• Computer generated Plymouth & Superbird decals

Wheels & Tires:
• Regulation BSA
• Tire lettering highlighted by hand painting
• Wheels painted to mimic Ralleye wheels

• Highly polished in a lathe
• Graphite lubricated
• Precision alignment

• Airbrush painted to mimic correct date-coded glass

• Hand painted with chrome nail polish

• Can't open the hood, but it's believed to be a Hemi

• One speed, forward

Curb Weight:
• Exactly 5.0 ounces
• Weight Distribution - 40 Front / 60 Rear

• Unlimited supply from Sir Isaac Newton's Law of Gravity

Construction Time:
• Three weeks - a few evenings after working on "real" cars


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