About RestoRick

Rick painted his first car, a '67 Cuda, at the age of 15. At that time, his neighbor was looking for someone to paint his racecar. Rick said, "Hey I've always wanted to try that!" His first attempt went great and it actually took him a couple more cars to do as well as that "beginner's luck" job! Rick continued his newfound passion and also worked selling auto body supplies. By 1978, his sideline work grew to the point that he had to do it as a full-time business. Located in South Central Wisconsin near Madison, Restorations by Rick Kreuziger was formed!

Over the years Rick has completed a variety of projects including street rods and restorations of various makes and eras. He has developed a diverse skill and knowledge base with a special talent for finding ways to do things that others say can't be done.

Well known for his incredible fabrication, metalworking, and painting skills, Rick has earned numerous national awards over the years for his meticulous Mopar restorations. Those awards include Mopar Nationals Best of Show, and several of the coveted Gold Awards in the OE Certified class. Additionally, his work has been featured many times on the covers and in articles in all the major Mopar magazines -- Mopar Muscle, Muscle Car Review, Chrysler Car Enthusiast, Mopar Action, MorPerformance, High Performance Mopar, and Mopar Collectors Guide.

Rick's knowledge is extensive, and expands with each new restoration. He has access to national clubs and a network of experts to help with those special needs. Our network of suppliers for rare NOS and used parts is very extensive. These parts are then properly installed to factory specifications. Rick's philosophy is that to duplicate the factory look, you need to do it the way they did.

Rick is a life-long car enthusiast, with vast experience in muscle car repair, reconditioning, and restorations. He is committed to providing the best quality product while retaining the vision of the owner, and providing fair, honest billing.

Since each car is unique, with a unique history, Rick works with you to understand exactly what you are looking for in your restoration, and maintains a high level of communications throughout the restoration process. This ensures a long lasting top quality restoration for each customer. He fully documents the restoration process with photographs to ensure your satisfaction with the work accomplished. Rick's overriding philosophy is "we do what we say we are going to do," so you can be confident when you leave your car that the work will be done as promised.

At Restorations by Rick Kreuziger, Customer Satisfaction is #1. We know that our future depends on the satisfaction of our customers, and the word-of-mouth that comes from a job well done. Rick has built his reputation in the Mopar world by using only the finest quality materials and techniques so that the results stand up to the close scrutiny of the car owner, car admirers, and judges. We control all aspects of the restoration process through our ability to offer a full range of skills, such as metal work, finishing, interiors, electrical, etc., in house.

The attention to detail and personal service that Rick provides to each customer and car makes us the best choice to restore your classic car. When you need someone who knows how to do it, who has done it before, and who has a reputation for quality, then take your car to RestoRick with confidence!


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