Since 1978, Restorations by Rick Kreuziger (RestoRick) has been dedicated to the highest level of quality restoration of Mopar muscle car era vehicles using only the finest materials and techniques. His component restoration, body and paint work, and turn-key restorations have consistently earned numerous national awards, and over a decade's worth of Gold OE Certifications at the Mopar Nationals.

Personalized service and unsurpassed attention to detail are the hallmarks of Rick's operation, as are honest billing at competitive labor rates. We control all aspects of the restoration process with a full range of skills available in-house. Whether you are interested in show detailing, body and paint, component restoration, or a full restoration to OEM condition, Rick's work is of the highest standards and enduring quality.

In addition to his restoration services, Rick has developed a restoration-related product line from his own shop use and personal experience, which he has recently introduced to assist both the professional restorer and the do-it-yourselfer. Many of these products were developed exclusively by Rick to duplicate original factory finishes, processes, and parts.

We appreciate your interest and welcome you to our website.


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