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(2/4/05) - Rick's Trip to the Barrett-Jackson Auction
Rick flew down to Scottsdale , AZ on an impromptu trip to the Barrett-Jackson auction.

I checked out the auction Thursday during the day and got to see a ton of incredible iron. The weather was on and off with rain, but was a pleasant upper 60's. We met up with El Hemi's owner Juan Escalante and managed to get him to buy lunch...I was surprised he had that much spare change after his last bill…hahaha).

It was something to see, but watching the auction on TV is a better bet if you want to see things up close. Of course I didn't bid on anything...there wasn't much left of the $500 I brought after the $350 bidders fee...hehehe.

Thursday night was a great time at a car party held by Mopar collectors Bill & Dianne Weiman. More ultra rare Hemi cars than you could count with your shoes on were there!

Cars included 3 71 Hemi droptop E-bodies, a 70 Hemi E-body, a Hemi-powered Coronet R/T convertible, a couple 71 Hemi Cuda hardtops, a 71 Roadrunner Hemi car, 69 Hemi Roadrunner, 68 GTX Hemi convertible, and more! Even some cool custom bikes.

Mopar Collector's Guide's Rob Wolf was there shooting some pics, so I'd expect to see some press on the gathering in the magazine.

Heck even Galen Govier was there...even he couldn't pass up some free drinks!

Canadian collector Peter Swainson was there too...I believe I saw him roll in about 9:00...(that's like 8:10 Canadian, eh?).

Roger Gibson & Frank Badalson were snooping around there too...good to see the ‘ole boys.

Greg Nelson of Mopar Ponderosa fame was there hangin' out talkin' smart as usual!

Should also mention that it was RestoRick's first plane flight...not to worry, the acceleration wasn't quite the g-force of cuuuuuzin' John Grinwald's 9 second 69 Dart street toy! I'm all set for the Venezuela adventure as soon as Juan settles on the trip itinerary. More on that coming next time!

(4/30/04) - New Restoration Tech Archive
Rick would like to share some of his knowledge and experience in restoring a variety of Mopars to OE level condition with his fellow Mopar hobbyists through his new Restoration Tech Archive. Check the archive often for updates!

(3/20/04) - New Online Store Now Open for Business
Our new online store is now open for business. Come check out Rick's restoration-related product line developed from his own shop use and personal experience restoring OEM-level Mopars.

(11/10/03) - Zero Rust Products - Restorick Authorized Dealer
Rick is pleased to announce the introduction of his Zero Rust brand metal coatings. As an Authorized Zero Rust Dealer, Rick carries the complete line of colors and products, including his own exclusive Mopar Dip Gray Primer mix. Please visit our Zero Rust Product Page for more information.

(9/22/03) - Pinewood Derby Car in Mopar Collector's Guide
Rick and his son Nick combined their collective skills, creativity, and love of Mopars to build an award winning Limelight Superbird Pinewood Derby car. The car is featured in an article in the October 2003 issue of Mopar Collector's Guide. Photographs and specifications can be found on our Pinewood Derby Car page.

(9/20/03) - New Restoration Products Added
Rick is pleased to announce several new additions to his restoration product and services line. Restorations by Rick Kreuziger now offers wheel opening moulding screws, license plate fastening hardware, automatic transmission kickdown springs, and hood hinge rebuilding services. Please visit our Online Store for more information.


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