Restoration Tech Archive

Tapping into his years of experience restoring a variety of Mopars to OE level condition, Rick would like to share some of that knowledge with Mopar hobbyists through his Restoration Tech Archive. Although it is presented in a bulletin board format, the forums consist of read-only categories and postings. If you wish to contact Rick regarding a topic in his Restoration Tech Archive, please use the contact page.

Rick would like to emphasize that the information presented in the archive reflects his experience and knowledge of these cars obtained through close examination of numerous original cars over the years, as well as his own observations during the careful disassembly and restoration of his customers' cars. As everyone in the Mopar hobby knows, consistency in approach was not the hallmark of Mopar! Variations in the restoration and assembly details of Mopars abound. Rick has attempted to compile and present the information based on his experienced assessment of what is believed to be the norm. Of course, one always needs to keep in mind that original unrestored vehicles are the best sources of restoration correctness.

Check back often, as Rick will continue adding to his archive as time permits!

The Restoration Tech Archive can be accessed here. Enjoy!


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