Rick's Rides - 1930 Ford Model A Victoria

This car has been on the road since 1991 and as of summer 2003, it has 30,000 miles (the car is driven!). Rick purchased the car in 1985 from a priest who collected old Fords, mainly Model A's and T's. The body was very rough. Perhaps one of those cars he should've passed up and waited for something better. Rick always wanted a Vicky, and a steel body Vicky is hard to find. The seller was also willing to take payments and, at the time, that was all Rick could afford to do!

After mocking up several different engines, Rick ultimately settled on a big block Chevy. If Rick had that to do again, it would be a Hemi, but the decision was made. At the time, stuffing a big block in a Model A was unheard of...so, it was a bit of a challenge. Rick scratch-built a space design tube frame. It has an aftermarket dropped tube axle up front and a Mopar Pro Stock inspired adjustable 4-bar with coil-overs in the rear. Four-wheel disc brakes assure safe stopping power. A Vintage Air a/c system keeps the interior very cool...as Rick likes to say, "If you want to LOOK cool, you got to BE cool!!!"

One day, Rick says he will tear the old girl down and freshen 'er up but, for now,the car is still very presentable and runs great. Rick may go back to the black suede primer look, but he'll see when he gets there. Rick misses that sinister look and the "no-fuss" cleanup.

Fabrications by Rick include motor mounts, chop top, cowl seams filled, doors suicided, door hinges hidden, windshield flush-fit, space tube frame, rear 4-bar suspension, all body wood replaced with metal, metal floors, recessed firewall, alligator hinged hood top, removable hood sides, radiator splash pan, leather interior, hand stitched steering wheel, custom dash panel, tilt-telescopic steering column mounting, electric release door opening, power window mechanisms, custom fit gas tank, floor drop-in battery mount, rounded door corners, top filled with station wagon roof, custom built headers and stainless steel exhaust, taillight panel with amber turn lamps, gas door, and power windows.

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