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Avoid Menacing Metal Oxidation


AMMO (Avoid Menacing Metal Oxidation) is a unique, patented protectant which binds with metal to provide a durable, abrasion resistant, and low molecular surface tension environment. AMMO will not harm or alter the finish of the part it is used on.

AMMO is impervious to:
In independent lab tests, AMMO was impervious to salt fog, acid spray, abrasives, and thermal shock.

Environmentally safe and non-toxic, AMMO outperforms and outlasts all others, including bio-based and food grade compounds. AMMO provides a long lasting corrosive barrier on all metal components. There is nothing else like it.

This product works excellent on zinc plating, polished parts, aluminum and even rubber hoses. Buffs off clean without leaving a powder or any visible residue.


Sold in a 4oz. tub for $24.95

Price: $24.95
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Cosmoline Aerosol


Aerosol spray can of Cosmoline rust inhibitor coating as used on Mopar lower control arms.

Also an excellent corrosion inhibitor for coating inner panels such as door skins.

NOTE: Must be shipped UPS Ground (2 or 3 day) or USPS Select (1-2 weeks).

Price: $13.00
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Factory Texture Undercoating
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Rick's exclusive formula undercoating is a rubberized product with texture additives that will give exceptional recreation of original undercoating texture and thickness.

Pricing-$23 per quart/ $72 per gallon.

Price: $23.00
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Quasimoline Paint


Urethane paint formulated to closely mimic the original cosmoline finish used on Mopar lower control arms. This is an ideal product for those wanting a durable finish that can be wiped clean and not hold dirt like the real thing. Dries to a satin gloss. Darkness & coloring will vary with number of coats applied and color of control arm. Thin with a urethane reducer, no hardener required. Sold in a half pint can for use with a spray gun. One can will easily do two sets of control arms, depending on application thickness. Can also be used to accentuate the coloring of some cast iron parts.
Price: $34.00
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Rust Prevention Magic


A revolutionary new product for preserving your restoration's bare metal components! A patented blend of the finest polymers for exceptional moisture resistance. The metal's natural appearance is unchanged and details such as heat marks & draw marks are not altered.

RPM will not remove rust! All traces of corrosion must be removed before applying for best results.

Applied by warming the part to approximately 120 degrees with a heat gun or hair dryer and brushing RPM on with the supplied brush. RPM will liquify on contact and cool down to an invisible film. Excess may be buffed with a cloth.

Sold in an 8oz. tub and includes instructions and an application brush.

Price: $34.95
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Urethane Mopar Dip Primer
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Special single stage Acrylic Urethane mix to replicate the factory Mopar Dip Primer. This paint applies super smooth and dries to perfect consistent satin sheen. The finish is very durable and seals the under body from moisture like only a proper topcoat will.

This color is the dark gray dip primer found on 1967-76 Mopar cars. Note: Cars built at the LA assembly plant were dipped in a black primer color. Available on the drop down menu below.

Apply over a gray epoxy primer of your choice. (Black under the LA plant black dip primer). SPI epoxy is an excellent choice that has etching properties as well as chromates for improved corrosion resistance. Instructions are included.

Sold in a 1 gallon kit that mixes 3qts. color with 1 qt. activator.

$219 for 1 gallon Dip Gray kit.

Price: $219.00
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