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Rust Prevention Magic
Rust Prevention Magic
A revolutionary new product for preserving your restoration's bare metal components! A patented blend of the finest polymers for exceptional moisture resistance.

Applied by warming the part to approximately 120 degrees and brushing RPM on with the supplied brush. RPM will liquify on contact and cool down to an invisible film. Excess may be buffed with a cloth.

Sold in an 8oz. tub and includes an application brush.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of metal will RPM protect?- All types of metallic surfaces prone to oxidation can benefit from RPM protection. Cast Iron, stamped and cast metals as well as aluminum are some of the common automotive applications. RPM works great to preserve natural metal drivetrain, suspension and other bare metal components to a like new condition. Use on chrome plating is not recommended.

How much RPM will I need for my project?- The 8oz. container should be enough to treat your entire vehicle/project when applied according to the directions. Warming the part allows the material to flow out when being applied to avoid unnecessary material waste.

Will RPM attract dirt?- Unlike oily products, RPM is dry to the touch. The metal is protected from humidity and moisture. Do I need to reapply RPM?- If the area is subject to abrasion, spray or impact, additional applications may be required.

Can RPM be painted over?- No. Removal with a solvent such lacquer thinner or acetone is required in areas you wish to paint. The part can then be re-coated as needed.

Can RPM be used on items exposed to heat such as exhaust pipes or intake manifolds?- Yes. If the RPM coating is exposed to gas, it will rinse off and need to be reapplied. On exhaust pipes, the coating will bake in and not run off.

Price: $34.95

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