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1970-74 E-body A/C Heater Box Gasket Set
1970-74 E-body A/C Heater Box Gasket Set
Reverse engineered, laser cut foams and seals required to restore the deteriorated foams in the A/C heater box of your 1970-74 E-body.

Manufactured by Detroit Muscle Technologies.

Included in the kit:

- All internal door foams and edge foams

- White poly heater box to firewall stud seals

- Black, thick, neoprene foam drain tube seals

- Black, thick, neoprene heater core and A/C evaporator tube to firewall seal

- Black, thick, neoprene blower motor to heater box housing seal

- Black, thin, neoprene gasket that goes between box halves

- Black rope caulk (dum dum) to seal the evap section of the box halves

- Basic resto info

- detailed 19 page document can be viewed online or downloaded These foams were PAINSTAKINGLY duplicated by hand to fit exactly like the OEM foams and seals. These are not the generic, die cut gaskets like those sold by the same places that do Chevy and Ford gaskets. In fact these heater box gaskets sets aren't being duplicated anywhere else. Most heater boxes can be disassembled, cleaned, foams installed and reassembled in an afternoon (the A/C box might take a weekend). I usually glass bead blast the metal "doors" and all brackets. Wash the housing in hot soapy water with a scrub brush to clean out 30 years of movie tickets and leaves. Spray all the metal doors and brackets with a "metal look" quality paint (like Rustoleum Titanium). Then apply high temp spray adhesive to both the door and the foam. Wait for the adhesive to "set up" for a couple minutes and then apply the foams to the doors. Assemble in reverse order and install your heater box and save yourself $450+ having it done!

Price: $65.00

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