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1967-76 A-body NON A/C Heater Box Gasket Set
1967-76 A-body NON A/C Heater Box Gasket Set
Laser cut foams required to restore the deteriorated foams in the non-air heater box of your 1966-76 A-body Mopar.

Manufactured by Detroit Muscle Technologies.

Included in kit:

- ALL laser cut charcoal foams for all door and panel seals just like OEM

- 1/2"x1/2"x24" Fresh air to cowl foam

- White rope caulk to seal box halves

- Blower motor to metal plate gasket

- Blower motor to firewall black foam seal

- Heater core tube to firewall "tube" foam gaskets (2 sizes for different years)

- NEW! Drivers side floor vent to cowl gasket and drivers side vent door foam (not shown yet) .

- Basic instructions.

A heater box can be disassembled, cleaned, foams installed and reassembled in an afternoon. I usually glass bead the metal "doors" and all brackets. Wash the housing in hot soapy water with a scrub brush to clean out 30 years of movie tickets and leaves. Spray all the metal doors and brackets with a "metal look" quality paint (like Rustoleum Titanium). Then apply high temp spray adhesive to the door foams. Wait for the adhesive to "set up" for a couple minutes and then apply the foams to the doors. Assemble in reverse order and install your heater box and save yourself $300+ having it done!

Price: $35.00

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