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1970-74 E-body & 1971-74 B-body NON A/C Firewall Gasket Set
1970-74 E-body & 1971-74 B-body NON A/C Firewall Gasket Set
Detroit Muscle Technologies reverse engineered, laser cut, OEM style material firewall gasket set for your NON-A/C 1970-74 E-body & 1971-74 B-body Mopar. This is THE MOST COMPLETE, MOST ACCURATE MATERIALS KIT AVAILABLE.

Included in this kit:

-Wiper pivot gaskets (round white seal at top)

-4 speed pedal bracket gaskets (small white donuts at left)

-Brake booster to firewall gasket (large white rectagular)

-Wiper motor to firewall seal (oval black donut)

-Master cylinder gaskets (small white rectangular and gray paper gaskets)

-Electrical bulkhead gasket set (2 black square gaskets with 4 internal connector seals)

-Accel pedal and throttle cable seals (white square and small round black donut at lower right)

-Heater core tube to firewall seals (2 tube seals at upper right)

-Blower motor to firewall seal (2 large round black seals - there were 2 different versions used over the years - both are supplied)

Price: $30.00

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